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HoneyWrap – Make Your Own Beeswax Wrap Kit – Wax Block Refill


This HoneyWrap  Wax Block Refill lets you keep on making your own wraps at home.  The wax block is the same as that found in popular Make Your Own Beeswax Wrap Kit so you can continue to make your own unique beeswax wraps.

The best replacement so far for plastic film, beeswax wraps keep food fresh in lunch boxes and securely covered in the fridge.  These are fun to make and the kit can be used over and over again to create your own wraps at a fraction of the price of ready made wraps.

This block contains; NZ beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil.  These natural preservatives help keep your food fresh for longer.

Waste Free Packaging.

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